Assisted Living


Tasks can become stress-inducing and difficult. Helping residents with such activities in a supportive way is a hallmark of care at AltaVita Senior Residences. Assisted living services are tailored to each individual’s needs at AltaVita Assisted Living, and in our secured environment at AltaVita Assisted Living Memory Care Centre for those with memory-related illnesses. Our specifically trained assisted living staff helps residents with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing and meal assistance. We also offer hair and nail services, podiatry care, massage therapy and other services to minimize stress and maintain dignity.

Medication Assistance

Medications may be part of a resident’s overall care plan. The importance and value of having professional caregivers safely administer medications is essential. Our assisted living staff is responsible for organizing and administering a resident’s medications as prescribed by their doctor.


We partner with professionals that have a reputation for their specialized and highly trained staff with knowledge of the latest treatments, therapies and other physical and occupational therapies to address the needs of our aging population as they continue their aging process. Their staff understands the importance on empowering individuals through the appropriate therapy. With the right care, individuals learn how to become more engaged and better able to function when performing everyday tasks. Those with memory impairment can learn how to better organize using labels and grouping in order to minimize the stress of daily tasks.