Resident & Family Testimonials

I am so thankful

My wife entered AltaVita Memory Care 7 years after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. As is usually the case her care at home became increasingly difficult as she needed someone to watch her 24/7. Upon entering she could walk without assistance, feed herself and interact with others. Over time her condition changed to where she couldn’t talk or do anything for herself.

Being a frequent visitor to AltaVita I witnessed residents with just about every conceivable condition one could imagine. With over 50 residents the staff and caregivers are faced with this challenge every hour of every day. I’ve told so many people that at best the job of caring for each resident with their own set of conditions is both physically and, as important, mentally overwhelming. It would so easy to “lose it” in this environment but I can honestly say I never witnessed one instance of what would be considered unprofessional behavior. Yes, I’ve seen caregivers brought to tears under the stress but I’m so impressed and amazed that was the worst I’ve seen. It reinforces my belief that AltaVita has set and maintains a very high standard of care for all its employees.

In addition to my wife, my mother was a resident there for over a year. Prior to that she had spent a short time in a nursing home. While there I saw the opposite extreme of AltaVita. So I’ve had first-hand experience of the good and bad in caregiving and appreciate the difference.

I am so thankful my wife and mother spent their final days in such a wonderful facility. It has my unconditional support

Ronald S.

Each time I visited I was so blessed

Thank you so much for your loving care of my mother through the many years she was part of your family. Each time I visited I was so blessed by each of your care takers, sharing sweet connections they had with my Mom, so clearly showing that she was a friend, and in many cases, like a Mom to each of you. Living across the country from my Mom, I really appreciated the weekly email sharings of what she had done, how she was doing and sending special photos; it meant a lot. I understand there were difficult times, where taking care of my mother took significant patience and understanding. Thank you all for navigating the moments when she became agitated, cleaning up messes… <strong>doing those things that had to be done.

The on-going activities you arranged, the singing, mini-concerts, pet visits, worship, ice cream parties, art activities, bingo, staff recognition and so on, were such a joy to Mom. One of the special moments she and I shared in the month prior to her death was “Jamming with Jim”, who took special requests, shared jokes and experience, really connecting with everyone. <strong>We had a blast singing, often out of tune, missing words, laughing and having such a great time.</strong>

Unfortunately, in this letter, I can’t truly convey the appreciation I have for all that you have done. You have all been such a blessing to my Mom and our family.

Matt T.

Brought out a light that we hadn’t seen for years

We would like to express a heartfelt thank you for the caring and compassionate care that our mother, Joy, received during her year and a half at AltaVita Memory Care. <strong>Your patient, kind and professional staff made our mother’s time at AltaVita comfortable, secure, memorable and enjoyable.</strong>

Looking back, we feel so grateful that Joy was able to enjoy the many fun activities at AltaVita including choir/concerts, dancing, poetry, games including bocce ball, movies, art, holiday celebrations, parties, outings, and so much more. We never thought that we would find such an active, supportive and appropriate community for her vibrant spirit.

More important, we finally experienced “peace in our hearts” once our mother settled into AltaVita and connected with her new-found friends and community. At times she could sure be a handful, and you all truly accepted here for who she was, and brought out a light in her that we hadn’t seen for years.

We will always appreciate and remember the gracious and compassionate care that our mother and family received during her difficult final days.

With gratitude and love,
Ann P. and Family

I am so relieved to know that my mother is safe

The building itself is a first in Colorado, the way it is set up, and the staff is incredible. They are all so caring and kind, from Dr. Long to the caregivers to the maintenance men. The food is delicious, well-planned, and the life enrichment director and her assistant are top notch. Bingo? Not at all…so many different activities… like Bocce Ball, yes, you read that right… in the hall, and everyone has a good time! Each person is encouraged to participate however they can. My mother loves the exercise classes and never misses them. Their concerts are a joy to watch. I just can’t say enough good things about this place!  And I am so relieved to know that my mother is safe. Any little details that come up are taken care of ASAP and my mother knows she has “ears” that listen to her.

Pam H.

To anyone looking for a place for someone they love

I found AltaVita when I was desperately looking for a place for my mother, who had just been through 6 nightmarish months. AltaVita had just opened 2 days before my mother was released from the hospital, and it has been a godsend. When I first went in the building, I felt so relieved, I felt this was going to be the place. (and I had looked at ALL of the possible facilities between Boulder and Broomfield!)

My mother has improved so much over the past 6 months since she has been there. I have found my mother again! She is happy and unafraid, at peace, and enjoys the place very much.

You have been an answer to my prayers

Thank you for remembering my husband in July when he was hospitalized and me this fall when I had a knee replacement. More than half the flowers you sent me are still quite perky. I am so grateful to all of you for the caring and professional atmosphere you all have created at AltaVita. You have been an answer to my prayers. We love all of you.

Anne K.

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